Saturday, June 26, 2010

Averi graduated

And makes cool poses

Kinsley lost the 2 paci on a clip contraption. She is paci free.

We grew these. They are yummy!

Yeah, you guessed it. He just doesn't learn.

We did change it up a bit.

Shred time. Visit Vicki Courtney for a shred adventure and much more.

More shredding. Drumline vs. Flutes volleyball party.

He's so cute! And I'm so proud!

Mr. Ed made some yummy ice cream for Father's Day.

And got loved on by his girls!

Oh, Ken paid a surprise visit to Jordan's House of Blues & rocked out on the marimba. Hoping his girraffe found some food in there.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Mr. Ed's Latest Project ???

All I know about this is the following:

- He ordered some stuff off of ebay

- He mounted it all on a board

- He can make certain parts move by pushing a button on the laptop

- It has something to do with the plasma cutter he bought a few weeks ago

- Whatever he is doing, he is having fun

I love this man!