Monday, August 25, 2008

Hodge-Podge Post

Well, Jordan is officially an 8th grader. All went smoothly, aside from him forgetting his schedule and the bus not showing up this morning. Luckily he had his schedule memorized from texting it so much, and he was able to hitch a ride with Tyler's dad and made it to school just fine. Here is a picture of him minutes after he got home. He really wasn't in a get-your-picture-taken-by-mom kinda mood, so I did have to resort to a few questionable parenting tactics to get this shot.
He should have a very full and challenging year. He is in all Pre-AP classes again, starts off the year in 1st chair for percussion, and will be doing cross-country and track.

Averi has her first soccer practice tonight. She is super excited.

Kinsley is doing fabulous. She almost has the crawling thing figured out. When she is trying to crawl to get around & can't quite "go", she starts rolling to get to her destination.

We (Eddie) just finished the banquette. It's just waiting on some cushions & pillows. The back of the shelves are lined with scrapbooking paper (an idea I borrowed from another blog). Eddie outdid himself on this project for sure!

This is a picture of the $5.00 garage sale chair that I recovered.

I found these two chairs at Hobby Lobby. They were regularly priced at $79.99 but on sale for $15.99 - possibly a mark up to mark down, but I didn't mind paying the $15.99 for them. Eddie had named them the "pretzel chairs". He's not fan. I'm thinking of recovering the seats & painting.

Moving on, Sunday was our 6 year anniversary. We celebrated by loading up the girls and heading off to the city for some fine dining at Uncle Julio's. When we were dating, we ate many of fajita dinners at good ole Uncle Julio's. Averi asked on the way there if we were still going to "that man's house for dinner". I guess she thought she was going to meet her long lost Uncle Julio. It was still as good as ever. I asked Eddie that night if he realized how fortunate he was to have me as a wife and told him that I was pretty sure the bible said, "Blessed is the man who gets to marry Sammi". He didn't seem to remember that passage. Actually, I think 6.5 years ago, Eddie's conversation with God went something like this, "Really, Lord, you want me to marry her? Are you sure?" At least that's how Eddie tells it.

That's all for now!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Before & Afters

We are in the middle of a total kitchen makeover. Here are a few things I've done in the process.

Before: A plain off-white bar stool (one of two) I picked up at a garage sale last summer.
After: Bright red that looks awesome with the new paint we just put on the kitchen walls (not shown in this picture).

Before: A $3.75 garage sale find from 2 weeks ago. I picked up 4 of these and passed one over to my friend, Kristen. She already had one ladder back chair from a garage sale that she painted black (note: she paid $4.00 for hers).

After: A little black paint and it's a perfect addition to our kitchen project.

We are getting very close to being finished with the kitchen. The banquette looks so beautiful...another fabulous job by Eddie. Once I finish glazing it, I'll post pictures of the finished product!

Sunday, August 10, 2008