Thursday, August 14, 2008

Before & Afters

We are in the middle of a total kitchen makeover. Here are a few things I've done in the process.

Before: A plain off-white bar stool (one of two) I picked up at a garage sale last summer.
After: Bright red that looks awesome with the new paint we just put on the kitchen walls (not shown in this picture).

Before: A $3.75 garage sale find from 2 weeks ago. I picked up 4 of these and passed one over to my friend, Kristen. She already had one ladder back chair from a garage sale that she painted black (note: she paid $4.00 for hers).

After: A little black paint and it's a perfect addition to our kitchen project.

We are getting very close to being finished with the kitchen. The banquette looks so beautiful...another fabulous job by Eddie. Once I finish glazing it, I'll post pictures of the finished product!


Joy said...

Wow! Those are some very nice garage sale finds and now they look fantastic sporting their new paint.
It looks like your kitchen project is going to be wonderful when it's finished. I like the banquette. I'm looking forward to the reveal.
Thanks for joining in on the fun.

Pajama Mama said...

Both were great finds! You're such a great yard-saler! And I love your paint guts! Does that make sense? Anyway, congrats on posting to a carnival! Glad I'm the first to comment!


Debbie @ said...

Great so far, can't wait to see what else you do.
Blessings, Debbie

Cherry's Jubilee said...

Hi there so glad you joined the paint your redos. You are a girl after my own red and home is the same. cherry

Cameo said...

THose look so fantastic, they were begging for the new colors. They suit them.

Nikki said...

The chairs and stools look great!

Blissful Nikki said...

Oh, I love the red and black! I cant wait to see your kitchen when its finished!! :)

a day in the life of bella said...

You made those chairs HAPPY :)