Friday, June 20, 2008


If I was Michelle Obama, I'd be giving "daps" or "pounds" to my girls for the Friday play date that was thrown together at the last minute.

But, Michelle Obama, I am not. So, I'm sure they will be fine with HIGH FIVES all around!

We always have such a great time getting together, even if it's only for a couple of hours with kids running and screaming all around us as they climb up, in, around, and through large plastic tunnels that have who knows what spread up, in, around, and through them, all while being enclosed in a small area that undeniably has taken on the scent of French fry grease and sweaty children. Mmmm, heavenly....

But seriously, we'll take what we can get!

The important thing is that it gives us a small opportunity to soak up some adult (female) conversation time, in between the tattling, crying, spilling, injurious moments, and the every few minutes of scanning the room to make sure your child is still there.

Now this isn't any ordinary conversation. This is speed talking at its finest, tweaked to absolute perfection. The condensed explanation of this "Mom Talk" is as follows:

  • Approximately 3000 words spoken per minute

  • A minimum of 15 topic changes per minute

  • Multi-task maneuvers (i.e. little Johnny falls on his head and mom is able to pick him up, kiss his head, and send him back off to play, all without breaking the flow of the conversation)

  • Mom-to-mom break-ins (a/k/a "interrupting")
I think I speak for all of us (big shocker huh, Girls) when I say that we truly cherish these moments. Unfortunately, we had one MIA this past Friday...we missed you, Tracey.

Okay, so I'm chatting away with two of my girls, telling them all about how I've successfully broken the co-sleeping habit I started with Kinsley (another mom.....NOT SO MUCH!) Anywho, I'm telling them how Kinsley is sleeping in her crib now and how initially I was sleeping in the bed that's in her room, and now I've transitioned to the couch and fully expect to be in my own bed (co-sleeping with my husband) in the very near future. So, as I'm waiting for my pat on the back and affirming looks, I get a "Why are you sleeping on the couch?" I explain that it's because it's closer to her room (I'm thinking - duh...I mean she is ONLY 6 months old and my room is like a gazillion miles away from hers). Okay, I'm waiting again ever so patiently for my friends to be so very proud of my accomplishment, and instead I get, "Get a monitor." Can you believe that? Get a monitor??

As if a monitor is going to save my sweet, precious, perfect child if something happens. I didn't think so. The way I see it, I'm shaving AT LEAST 5 seconds off of my response time by sleeping on the couch.

But wait, it gets worse.

One of them goes on to say, "Ummm, you're acting like a first time mom." Then they look at each other agreeably and snicker....SNICKER! I kid you not!

Yeah, I know.

Now, I'm not gonna mention anyone by name here, but I will say one of their names starts with an "A" and ends in "I" and has an "ng" in between. The other one's name starts with a "K" and rhymes with Tristen...and that's all I'm sayin'.

"Get a monitor"..................PAAALLEEAAASSSSE!!!!

Alright, in all seriousness, I absolutely love these girls. I love that they will tell me when I'm being ridiculous. I love that they WILL NOT just say what I want to hear. I love that they genuinely and truly want nothing but good things for me. When they say they are happy for me, they sincerely mean it. When they say "if you need anything, let me know", they sincerely mean it. We have moments of absolute hysterical laughter. We have moments of incredible depth. There is trust, compassion, and respect deep in the roots of our relationships. If you don't have friendships like this, you gotta get some!

I'm thankful for all of you, and I value our friendship so much.

(For a great message on Friendship, go here.)


Pajama Mama said...

AHHHH! Totally agree-love our playdates. Why don't we do them more? And I hadn't see this before I posted this morning-I like your use of rhyming hints! Especially how you added the middle syllable to a 2 syllable name that rhymes with Pangi. Okay, so now I see why you had to do that-her name starts with a vowel...okay, i could keep going but this is only supposed to be 1 comment, not a post in itself.

one more thing-Love the Banner update!

Angi said...

So did you ever get a monitor? Haha, love the post! Love you!