Saturday, September 19, 2009

Couponing is Contagious

Eddie continues his Friday lunch tradition with Charles. They've been going strong for the last 5 years or more. A few months ago, they found a new restaurant that they love.

Guess what? I usually had a coupon for that place. So on Fridays, Eddie would always ask me for the B1G1F. Mr. Ed's certainly stepped up his couponing game.

So, I didn't pay much attention to the fact that Mr. Ed was asking for coupons for his Friday lunch with Charles, as the word coupon is probably one of the top ten most used words in our house. In fact, I didn't pay much attention to the last several months when I heard Mr. Ed make mention of Charles already having a coupon for their beloved Nico's.

It wasn't until this past Friday that I really realized....couponing is CONTAGIOUS.

As Mr. Ed left that morning for work, I did my wifely duty by reminding him to call me if he needed a coupon for lunch.

Well, around 11:30, I received a text: "need coupon"

I got online looking for the coupon for their regular lunch spot. No coupon!

We made phone contact. Yeah, people do actually use the phone to talk still.

I told Mr. Ed that the regular restaurant spot coupon was not valid, but I could get a B1G1F for a like restaurant. Mr. Ed was overjoyed because this was one of Charles' favs.

Here's where I get to the point. Hopefully.

Mr. Ed asks me to leave the q's in the mailbox, and he'll have Charles meet him at the house.

He then calls it comes.

Ed: Well, Charles has already left cause he had to get gas, but he brought his coupons with him and has the El Paso one.


Now, I've always liked Charles. He's been a great friend to Eddie. He's a hard worker. He's a great softball player. BUT, he's bringing his coupons (plural...meaning multiple coupons) with him. He's gold! He's a gem. I'm over-joyed.

Sammi: He brought his coupons with him? So, Charles is couponing?

Ed: Yeah, he's been doing it since I started.

Sammi: Really??

Ed: Yeah, he loves it.

You know you've spread the couponing word when two grown men are planning their lunch around their coupons!

Love it. Shout out to Charles...HEY!

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grandie said...

Papaw and I can't wait to get our coupons in the paper tomorrow. We're pumped! It's contagious!