Saturday, October 10, 2009

If you are looking for a great place to store wrapping paper....

Mr. Ed apparently found one.

Now, this is not a passive-aggressive rant.

This is me showing how we function/dysfunction.

We had a super busy week and weekend filled with birthdays (2 to be exact and I'll post on those when I'm emotionally ready), Homecoming, marching competition, soccer game, benefit garage sale for my dad (I'll post on that when I'm emotionally ready), and all that topped off with me having a terrible cold and losing my voice.

Eddie was a super star and wrapped Averi's gifts while we (Granne, Jordan, and myself) took Averi and a couple of friends to Chuck-E-Cheese.

Eddie should always wrap gifts because he's got great technique. I'm a mess when it comes to wrapping.

I'm really wondering though, how long the wrapping paper will stay in the decorative vase and why Mr. Ed decided to stuff it in there after his wrapping job.

The really strange thing is that I haven't asked him, and he hasn't said anything about it either. It's just been patiently waiting to be reintroduced to its wrapping paper buddies in it's proper home in the wrapping-paper-plastic-holder.

I wonder if Mr. Ed will ever notice it.

(alright, that was a bit passive-aggressive)

P.S. You did read correctly...Jordan did go to Chuck-E-Cheese with us. I even shared a few tokens with him. I'm cool that way.

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Kristen, The Pajama Mama said...

I say leave it there-it add whimsey and what house couldn't use a little more whimsey?

Happy Birthday, Averi!