Thursday, January 28, 2010

Any Day Now and Other Random Stuff

Averi's 2 year dream of losing a tooth will come true....any day now.

In honor of this milestone, I want to share a few stories about the tooth fairy:

Story 1:

I remember being so envious of my brother because he was collecting all this money from the tooth fairy. It seemed like weekly he was getting cash under his pillow. I decided that it was time to do something about this injustice and went into action. For some reason, my parents kept all of his teeth in a jar.....gross huh! Isn't the tooth fairy suppose to take the teeth? Anywho, in my 4 year old brain, a plan was formed. I'd take his teeth and put them under my pillow. I mean how smart could this tooth fairy character be - he wants old nasty baby teeth from children.

Well, apparently I forgot about my brilliant plan to defraud the TF the following morning and the morning after that. My dad discovered the 4 teeth scattered throughout my bed (yes I was a greedy little 4 year old). And that's when I learned the truth about the tooth fairy.

Story 2:

Jordan lost his first tooth on a cold rainy evening...almost bedtime. He was super excited about the impending visit from the tooth fairy. Well, the "tooth fairy" didn't have anything but a 20 dollar bill, and sadly it was way too cold, late, and rainy to make a trip to the store to "break" said 20. Jordan was in disbelief that the tooth fairy would leave him SO MUCH MONEY...all for a tooth!

Luckily for the tooth fairy, Daddy empties his change in a bowl every night. So, we shouldn't have any problems this go-round!

And I'm waiting for Mr. Ed to come up with a tooth fairy story, and he's got nothin'.

and random:

this is what happens when I put sheets on our bed (sorry i tried several times to make this font smaller and i can't figure it out)

and then this

dress up time is ALL THE TIME

we bake...sometimes (thanks Gran for the baking set for Ave!)

we dance

on coffee tables (that's what they're for, right?)

we eat at tables way too small for us or in diapers. I have pics of Ave also participating in this eating event in her undies, but she gets embarrassed easily so no pic...but it's a cute one!

we eat cake that matches our outfit

we play wii simultaneously

we live, love, and laugh.....

love my fam!

p.s. can you find the ken doll in one of the pics?


Anonymous said...

Looks like Ken passed out on the dance floor. Love the pics and love the stories. :) Tracey

Kristen, The Pajama Mama said...

Welcome back to blog land!!! It's been way too long-but I love your catch-up!