Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Soleil Moon Frye a/k/a Punky Brewster

Okay, when I took Kinsley to the doctor the other day for her 4 month check-up, the nurse made a remarkable observation. She was commenting on Averi's adorable ensemble, which was something like a skirt w/ a mismatched shirt, another shirt tied around her waste, her pink boots, and her hair in pig-tails (which is the only way she cares to have her hair done currently). So the nurse says, "You know, she kind of looks like Punky Brewster". Now, some moms out there might be a little embarrassed to have their daughter compared to Punky Brewster. Not this mom. Oh, no...this was a proud moment for this mom. At one time, this "use-to-be-latchkey-kid" was a huge fan of that independent, trend-setting, mischievous little Punky! I have fond memories of coming home after school, fixing myself a yummy after school snack (typically a piece of bologna microwaved for oh say 1 minute until it curled up perfectly to round bowl, which I liked to simply call a "bologna bowl") and plop down to watch me some Punky Brewster. It was always exciting to see what kind of adventures she would embark on that day. I always dreamed of having my very own tree house. You know, the kind that really is up in a tree. She had so much fun with her girls, Margo & Cherie. And poor Henry. He had his hands full!

Okay, back to the story....

So, I got home and googled ole Punky and was amazed at the resemblance. See for yourself! By the way, these photos of Averi were not doctored or staged. This is the exact outfit she put on this and all.
You be the judge!


Ada said...

God has gifted you with the ability to write! What an adorable, heart-warming story! Of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that it's a story of two people who I dearly love: my daughter-in-love and granddaughter.

Angi said...

Another latch key kid here! Punky was a favorite of mine too! Averi does look like her!