Friday, January 9, 2009

A Year with Kinsley!

Just a little over a year ago, we welcomed Miss Kinsley Grace into our world. Can I just tell you that she is the most awesomest baby EVA!!!

Here are some interesting things about Kinsley:

- She is so content and pleasant.

- We call her Dora because she loves to just roam around the house, checking things out.

- We also call her a human vacuum cleaner because she loves to put every single piece of dirt, food, paper, and whatever else she can find into her mouth.

- She has beautiful blue eyes and some outrageous hair.

- She lights up when she sees her brother & sister.

- She loves taking baths and is constantly trying to make her way into our bathroom. When she sneaks by, she'll turn on the water for the tub.

- She took 4 or 5 steps yesterday. I know she could walk if she really wanted to!

- She is getting her top side teeth in before her front teeth. That will look really cool since she's already got her bottom two teeth. Obviously, she dares to be different.

- She loves to empty out the tupperware cabinet and climb in and just sit there. She's probably trying to hide from Averi!

- She looks like her daddy.

- She gets very bored riding in the car.

- She loves music....especially when it's coming from Jordan on his drums. She dances and dances.

- She loves to show off her mad clapping skills.

- She has blessed our lives more than words can express!

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grandie said...

Truly blessed by the post! Thanks for taking the time to do this.
Love, Grandie & Papaw