Saturday, November 27, 2010

Somebody thinks

there is something missing in this picture. (hint: it is not the rest of Kinsley's face)

Did you figure it out? Isn't she too cute??? I know so!

And The Benz has not come to terms still with the fact that Halloween is OVER! Nor does she care if she is in her undies in front of family, friends, strangers, or the camera.

(fyi - Kinsley's nicknames are as follows: The Benz, Benzer, Kinzer, and Pookie Pie)

Jordan and friends rocked out to the dance Wii game. That game rocks. I'm thinking more than Shred. Sorry Vicki! It's certainly more fun! Especially since I have beat Mr. Ed multiple times, and Mr. Ed has MAD dance skills.

Band kids do not only rock the field, but they rock the dance floor too. Well, maybe all except the girl that's off sync...or maybe the others were off??? Hmmm......

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