Sunday, August 23, 2009

Meet the Pirates

Jordan had his first band performance on the high school field!

It was cool. We were proud. Kinsley danced to the music. Averi found friends to play with. Jordan rocked the field.

We were so proud.

They actually had band parents come onto the field to show us a few marching moves. Eddie and I did the quick choose-a-roo. I won! I got to go. It is HARD. Not just hard but impossible for me, at least.

They have "coordinates".

COORDINATES? Are they men at sea?

No, they are the BAND. AND. THEY. ROCK. THE. FIELD. We did a few marching steps...I was loaded down with the snare drum. I never actually got to play the drum (although the really embarrassing parents tried to play their child's instrument...I chose to use my embarrassing moment on snapping pictures....somehow I still ended up being the most embarrassing parent EVA). I still think the parents trying to play the instruments were WAY more embarrassing.

Anyway I did a few "mis"steps and stumbled around clueless and still wondered "what's a coordinate"..."when is 8"...."which way is east".

SERIOUSLY they have to know NWSE! Who knows that?

I learned that either E or W (one of those) means your facing/not facing the sun....I've forgotten which one. My odds are better now though.

Kinsley ate cheetos, Averi drank Mr. Pibb. We were practicing our "football game" parenting technique, which will be to fill their mouths with lots of sugar, salt, and whatever else will keep them occupied.

I have a new respect for band.

And MY. SON. IS. FABULOUS...with or without band.

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grandie said...

Thanks for keeping us posted on the Ferguson news. Hope you have pics of 1st day of kindegarten and HS.