Thursday, August 13, 2009


Business has picked back up in the FUrguson household (yes I realize our name is spelled wrong in the header - it should be fixed soon).

School is starting soon. SCHOOL. IS. STARTING. SOON. Sorry, but I've seen so many bloggers use one word sentences & I just had to join the fun.

Alright, J-Ray has been soaking up the heat at band camp..."One time, at band camp...". I know many of you repeat that in your heads when you hear "band camp", as do I. One fun fact, the nurse at my doctor's office (the doctor that delivered Averi & Kinsley) looks just exactly like the girl that repeated that line so infamously. That girl now (the famous one - not my baby delivering doctor's nurse) is on a sitcom.

Moving on, band from the beginning, has been such a huge surprise for me. It is SERIOUS stuff. They don't play! That deserves repeating in case any of you non-band people don't get it. THEY. DON'T. PLAY. Okay, I really hope I'm getting the one-word-sentence-using-in-blogs thing down. My goodness, trying to fit in never stops, does it?

Anyway, I had to learn the seriousness of the band thing the hard way. I just want to save any non-musical parents from the same embarrassment (for your children's' sake of course...wink:wink). *Note to future band parents - NEVER question the middle school band director about his chosen instrument list....NEVER...NEVER. Most ESPECIALLY NEVER when you know nothing about music. My frugal nature was not a positive characteristic in that situation. I think it went something like me asking Mr. P if they could opt out of the 2 thousand dollar marimba and use one of those small xylophones that come in those musical kits at know the ones that are like $14.99, at least I'm sure that's the way he took it. Lesson learned, though. Now we are spending hundred's of dollars on yard signs, t-shirts, buttons, car decals, and whatever else we can to SHOW OUR SUPPORT! I should have used the periods in between, huh?

Jordan just walked in the door, from taking a break from practicing, literally MARCHING to his own self made drum beats. No joke. That's how he communicates now.


Now he's reading what I'm writing. Love you J. Keep up the good work.

On the serious side, please pray for Jordan as he takes on so many things this year. He's entering high school, playing in the Varsity Marching Band, and has several AP courses. Oh, and let's not forget that he will be getting his driver's permit this year. I won't address that topic further because I might go into a crazy-overprotective-mom-rant about how the driving age should be raised to 25 or better yet a law prohibiting any child I gave birth to from obtaining a driver's license.

Jordan showing his new Freshman ID (also known as mom begging him to pose for a pic with his new high school badge while he's busy texting):

That's probably enough crazy from me for the day.

Stay tuned for "Averi & The Chopper" and "Kinsley Wants YOU!"


Kristen, The Pajama Mama said...


The people are demanding more!

Hey, when you can check out Sarah Mae's post at today (friday)...let's get together soon-before Averi starts school (sniff sniff)...

Anonymous said...

You are hilarious!! I laughed out loud reading this post. Love you girl!!

grandie said...

A grandson in high school! What incredible blessings to come! Jordan, thank you for who you are.
Great. Post. Sammi. Did I do it right?