Sunday, August 30, 2009

Double Decker - No? Teen in the House - Yes!

Proof that I'm not on the same page as my teenager:

My thoughts: I'll pack Jordan a nice big lunch for school tomorrow. I"ll go all out & make him an extra-special-double-decker-turkey-cheese-filled-with-love-from-mom-sandwich.

Jordan's thoughts (not that I can read thoughts, although sometimes it may come off that way):

Jordan says: Mom, what's that extra piece of bread for?

Mom says: (with super-duper proudness) I'm making you a double-decker-sandwich!

Jordan says: No, mom. Please mom. No. Please. No double-decker sandwich. Please mom, no double decker (can you hear the desperation in his voice?).

Mom says: Jordan, I thought you would like a double-decker sandwich. I didn't think one sandwich was enough, and you said you didn't want two. What's wrong?

Jordan says: Just please mom, no.

Mom says: Okay, double-decker.

Mom discards the extra bread.

Jordan is relieved & goes off to take his shower.

Mom is totally confused.

Mom's thoughts: Jordan loves double-whatevers.

- What-A-burger - double-decker
- Micky D's - double-decker
- Home - double-decker

Mom tells Mr. Ed about the situation. A light bulb appears above Mr. Ed's head. He's got a PLAN.

We got to work quickly.

I'm on lookout. He's on find mode.

This was the final product:

Well done, Mr. Ed. Well done! (that's fruit roll up on top of ice cream cone)

The strangest part though (yeah, I think it gets stranger), is that Jordan prefers his lunch packed in this type of bag...

Because a nice insulated bag would be TOTALLY EMBARRASSING!

Parents - 1
Teenager - 0

One other lunch-making note:

My Kindergartner will be so incredibly excited when she opens her lunch box to find her sandwich cut in the shape of an "A" for Averi.

At least I'll be the cool mom at one school campus tomorrow.

Jordan gave us the details of his mystery lunch find. It went like this:

Jordan: It was so funny. My whole table was laughing. Even the senior girls behind us were wondering what was going on.

Mom: Wow!

Jordan: It was even funnier when I bit into it and marshmallows went everywhere.

Mom: You ate it? There were marshmallows in it?

Jordan: Yeah, in the cone. I wasn't going to waste a fruit roll up. All the girls were like what's going on?

Final Score:

Teenager - 1
Parents - 0


Linda said...

Haha! Your a great mother!
My mother likes to that to me sometimes to! Hahaha..
It's really funny..

Btw, i only write in swedish on my blog.. But im going to write in english soon.. :)

Kristen, The Pajama Mama said...

oh my goodness-you really put that cone in his lunch?

you're the best...he'll laugh in a few years...

grandie said...

I have never laughed so hard over a blog! Could be that I so....relate! Right Ed?