Thursday, May 1, 2008

Those Ferguson's Are Crazy!

Something many of you may not know about the Ferguson's is that we are a pretty funny family, if I do say so myself. On the outside, it may be hard to see. Especially in Eddie since he seems all reserved and quiet. Don't be fooled. He's the one you really need to look out for. He's a closet comedian.

There's a practical joke in our house that has been going on for some time now. This is how it goes. Somebody makes their sack lunch. Then somebody else sneaks miscellaneous items into that lunch (sometimes this could be strange food items, toys, a picture, book, stick, rock, you get the picture). The idea is that when that person goes to sit down to start eating their lunch, they begin pulling out all of these strange items out of the bag. You can just imagine the look of confusion on their face like "Well, how on earth did a sock get into my lunch?" The joke is even funnier when this person is surrounded by co-workers or classmates. Then that person comes home that day and shares how it all went down and we all laugh and laugh and say "we really got ya" and they say "yeah, you got me".

Well, it's been a while since somebody has had the "miscellaneous item in the sack lunch" joke played on them. That was until yesterday. I picked up Jordan from school and lo and behold, he gets in the car and I look over at him and he's wearing a pair of orange goggles. Conversation is something like this:

Mom: Why are you wearing those?

Jordan: They were in my lunch today.

Mom: HEHEHEHEHEHE (hysterical laughter)

Jordan: Yeah, along with a small box of cereal and some oatmeal.

Mom: Well, did anyone see you open your lunch? (remember the joke is more fun when there are witnesses)

Jordan: Yeah, I pulled out the goggles and people were starring and I just said I was planning on going swimming after school.

Mom: Good one!

Jordan: Then the teacher looked at me and I just said "see what kind of family I come from" and she went (and he did the universal sign for crazy).

Mom: Eddie got you.

Jordan: Yeah, he got me.

Look, I've never tried to pretend that we are normal!

Anyway, we Ferguson's love our practical jokes, but sometimes it can go too far. The following event took place when I was giving Averi a bath.

I'm leaning over the tub, washing her hair, and out of the blue "WHACK"! She nails me in the side of the head and face with her fully soaked washcloth. Stunned, I gave her the "oh no you didn't just whack me with a sopping wet washcloth" look. Her "I just really got mommy good and she's going to be cracking up" look quickly faded off of her mischievous little face and turned into an "oops, that didn't go over as I expected" look.

Here's the play by play:

Mom: Averi, NO MAM! You don't hit mommy with your washcloth.

Averi: But mommy, it was just funny.

Mom: No Averi, it was not funny.

Okay, I know it was sort of funny. Alright really funny in an inappropriate kind of way.

I walk out of the bathroom and Eddie is standing there. I've got half of my hair soaking wet and the look of shock has still not worn off.

Play by play:

Eddie: What happened?

Sammi: Averi just whacked me with her wet washcloth.

Now this is one of those parenting moments where we both just looked at each other and have no words. Laughter clearly is the only valid response. So we laughed...and we laughed....and we laughed some more (of course not where she could hear us).

Okay, so it appears that Averi might be modeling our bad behavior. It may be time for the "sometimes it can go too far" talk.

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