Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Mystery Image

You know how people find the face of Jesus on a piece of toast or George Washington's face on a grilled cheese sandwich? Well, we at the Ferguson household had our own little face phenomenon, which appeared on our kitchen table. Actually, it wasn't just a face but an entire person. See for yourself.......

We aren't sure when the mysterious image actually surfaced. We believe it was sometime between Sunday morning and Sunday evening. We are pretty sure it's either Barbie or Cinderella.

If you are wondering if you might have an opportunity to bid on this item on eBay, we are sorry to say, NO. After much thought and consideration, we have decided that we just can't part with it. This table has been our gathering spot for a countless number of meals, homework, games, discussions, and now it's artwork.

So, next time you are at the Ferguson's abode, you are welcome to view our little phenomenon. And if you are lucky, and we are in a good mood, we might even let you have your picture taken with it.

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