Friday, August 28, 2009

Operation Kindergarten

It was a success...ummm with one, small hiccup.

Hiccup Hint: An un-sharpened pencil, a very tempting pencil sharpener (she's had a fascination with those all summer), and an already sharpened pencil on her desk.

Hiccup Excuse: Loss of hearing for the 3 seconds prior to the offense.

Hiccup Outcome: No sticker and a note on her chart stating, "Asked not to sharpen pencil (she already had a sharpened on her desk) and sharpened anyway."


Well, she got stickers the rest of the week, she apologized to her teacher the day after the pencil mishap, she's made lots of friends, and she's excited to go to school each morning. We consider it a success and are so very PROUD of her!!

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